noviembre 26, 2013

Asphyxiate - Self Transform From Decayed Flesh (2013)

Banda - Asphyxiate
Disco - Self Transform From Decayed Flesh
Lanzamiento - 09/2013
Genero - Brutal Death Metal
Calidad - 261 Kbps [Scene Cd Rip]
Origen - Indonesia (Bekasi)
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Lista de Temas:
01. Suffered In Vivisection 
02. Knife In Womb 
03. Self Transform From Decayed Flesh 
04. Odious Mutation Of Cannibalistic Creature 
05. Failed Clone Of God 
06. Decomposing Organs 
07. Digested Embryonic 
08. Feasting On Human Cadaver 
09. Instrument Of Defiled Breeder 

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