diciembre 22, 2016

Oh! Skatetrack!!! YURI!!! on ICE Original Skate Song COLLECTION

Performed by - Ensemble FOVE, Kazuma Kudo, Jin Oki, Ryutaro Sugiyama, Kaoru Jitsukawa, The Soulmatics, U-zhaan, AISHA, Matt Cab, WISE, Jovette Rivera, Wouter Hamel, Linus Norda, Ai Sugihara, Eriko Tsukamoto, Minami Matsubara, Ereka Suzuki, Arisa Yoshida, Hisatoshi Nezu, Steve Mcnair, Rinko Matsubara
Composed by - Taku Matsushiba, Taro Umebayashi, Tomonori Hayashibe, Nozomu Yoneda, Keisuke Tominaga
Release Date - 21 / 12 / 2016
Genre - Symphonic / Opera / Instrumental / R&B / Soundtrack
Bitrate - 320 Kbps
Origin - Japón (Tokyo, Japan)

01. Aria “Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare”
02. In Regards to Love ~Eros~
03. Yuri on ICE
04. In Regards to Love ~Agape~
05. Piano Concerto In B-Minor: Allegro Appasionato
06. Minami’s Boogie
07. Shall We Skate?
08. Terra Incognita
09. La Parfum de Fleurs
10. The Inferno
11. A Tales of Sleeping Prince
12. Still Alive
13. Intoxicated
14. Rapsodie Espagnole
15. Almavivo
16. Anastasis
17. L’homme Arme
18. Serenade for Two
19. Theme of King JJ
20. Partizan Hope
21. Samarkand Overture
22. Symphony No.9, 2nd Movement “Advent”
23. Welcome to The Madness
24. Duetto “Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare”

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